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Design Trend: Sticker-Style Icons and Emojis

Trends / 12 Jun 2023

Design Trend: Sticker-Style Icons and Emojis

Website design with a hint of nostalgia. That’s what you get from the latest design trend that makes you think of childhood with sticker-style elements, including icons and emojis, that add a little something extra to projects.

This design style is popping up everywhere and includes everything from a full design theme to smaller elements sprinkled throughout.

What’s great is that for a certain demographic, this look has a feel that’s a distinct throwback to the sticker books we had as kids, making this design trend interesting and engaging.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the sticker design trend.

How to Organize Figma Files

Figma Templates / 9 Jun 2023

How to Organize Figma Files

Keeping your Figma files organized is crucial for maintaining efficiency and collaboration in your design process. As projects grow and files multiply, maintaining an organized workspace in Figma becomes a pressing need for both individual designers and teams.

This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively organize your Figma files. Whether you’re aiming to streamline your personal workflow or improve team collaboration, we’ll provide clear and actionable tips.

Prepare to transform your Figma chaos into a model of order and productivity!

20+ Best Military & Army Fonts (Stencil Style)

Font Collections / 9 Jun 2023

20+ Best Military & Army Fonts (Stencil Style)

When it comes to designing highly visible, clear, and attention-grabbing typography, no one does it better than the military.

Whether it’s a poster on a wall or text on a military vehicle, you can easily read the text from so far away. And that’s what makes military fonts and stencil fonts so effective.

You can apply this same strategy to improve the visibility and readability of your text and titles using military-style stencil fonts.

Today, we have a bunch of bold military and army fonts for you to use in your designs. These fonts feature attractive and different styles of stencil designs. Have a look and be sure to download the free fonts too.

40+ Best Real Estate Flyer Templates 2023

Flyer Templates / 9 Jun 2023

40+ Best Real Estate Flyer Templates 2023

Passing flyers is one of the best marketing strategies real estate agencies use to market their properties. We handpicked a collection of attractive real estate flyer templates to help you design unique flyers to promote your real estate listings like a pro.

Real estate is a booming industry. With many agencies popping up around every corner, you need to think outside the box to get more attention to the houses, flats, and apartments you’re trying to market. This involves crafting flyers and brochures that get potential buyers attention and stand out from the crowd.

With the help of these easy to use templates, you’ll be able to design such amazing-looking flyers to promote your property listings without even having to spend extra money on hiring graphic designers. You can easily edit these templates all by yourself.

Browse the collection, download a real estate flyer template, and start customizing to design a unique flyer for your business. Or check out our tips for designing real estate flyers for a few extra pointers!

How to Export From Figma (To PDF, PNG + More)

Figma Templates / 8 Jun 2023

How to Export From Figma (To PDF, PNG + More)

Figma stands as a titan in digital design for its collaboration features and intuitive use. But when designers must share work across platforms or with various stakeholders, exporting designs to formats like PSD, PNG, and more becomes essential.

Let’s explore how to export your Figma designs to these popular formats. Whether you’re moving your design to Photoshop or sharing high-quality PNGs with clients, this guide will show you how to convert your work without losing design quality. Get ready to maximize the utility of your Figma projects.

Buckle up and get ready to unleash the full potential of your Figma creations!

40+ Best Adobe XD Wireframe Kits (+ Wireframe Tutorials)

Adobe XD Templates / 8 Jun 2023

40+ Best Adobe XD Wireframe Kits (+ Wireframe Tutorials)

Adobe XD is one of the most popular tools used for designing user interfaces for mobile and desktop apps. What most designers are unaware of is that Adobe XD is also a great tool for wireframing as well.

We handpicked a collection of Adobe XD wireframe kits and templates to show you how easy it is to design wireframes for websites and app interfaces using the free app.

With these wireframe kits for Adobe XD, you don’t have to spend time designing buttons, shapes, and other elements. They are already included in the templates kit. You can easily edit and customize them however you like.

Have a look in our collection below and see if you can find a wireframe kit for your project.

How to Edit Text in Figma

Figma Templates / 7 Jun 2023

How to Edit Text in Figma

In digital design, Figma has earned its place as a go-to tool, celebrated for its ease of use and robust features. One of its many powerful functionalities is its text editing capabilities, an essential for any designer aiming to communicate effectively through their designs.

In this guide, we will dive into the nuances of editing text in Figma. From basic adjustments to more complex typographical manipulations, you will learn how to take full control over your text elements.

Gear up to enhance your designs with compelling and polished text in Figma.

20+ Best Marketing & Sales Brochure Template Examples

Brochure Templates / 7 Jun 2023

20+ Best Marketing & Sales Brochure Template Examples

When promoting a product, or service, or educating customers, a well-crafted marketing brochure goes a long way to communicate information more effectively. We have the perfect set of marketing brochure examples and templates to help you with that process.

Usually, designing a marketing or sales brochure could cost you from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on its quality and content. Most businesses can’t afford to spend that kind of budget on a single brochure design.

Brochure templates are the perfect solution for such projects. You can download and edit these templates yourself to easily make marketing and sale brochures without having to spend a big budget. And freelance designers can also use these to make professional-looking brochures for their clients.

Have a look and see if you can find a brochure for your project.

35+ Best Retro Fonts in 2023 (Free & Premium)

Font Collections / 7 Jun 2023

35+ Best Retro Fonts in 2023 (Free & Premium)

Retro design is everywhere. Thanks to people’s craving for nostalgia, there’s a growing demand for logo designs, badges, and even brand identities that uses this stylish design trend.

You can never go wrong with a good retro design. But, you need to find the perfect retro font to make your retro designs more attractive.

If you look at any successful retro design, you’ll notice that that the key element in every one of them is a great-looking retro font. It’s the typography that adds a truly retro look to the designs.

In this collection, we bring you many different styles of retro fonts to help you get a head-start in your retro design projects. Pick a font from the list below.

15+ Best Logo Design Books, Courses, & Tutorials for Beginners

How to Design a Logo / 6 Jun 2023

15+ Best Logo Design Books, Courses, & Tutorials for Beginners

Logo design is a highly competitive industry where only the best designers survive. And to be one of the best logo designers, you have to learn from the best.

Whether you’re just getting started in logo design or an experienced logo designer, there’s always something new you can learn from other more successful designers.

Logo design books, courses, and tutorials are the perfect source for you to learn new techniques, understand trends, and gain deeper insights from the veterans.

20+ Best White Paper Templates for Word & InDesign

Business Templates / 6 Jun 2023

20+ Best White Paper Templates for Word & InDesign

When making white papers to target modern audiences, a good-looking design is a must-have feature. Our collection of white paper templates will help you find the perfect design for your white paper.

White papers have been around for many years. Even in today’s digital era, white papers are still one of the best ways of promoting brands and businesses. The ability to provide value to your target audience while also making your business relevant is what makes white papers more effective.

Of course, the design of the document is also important to attract your audience. We handpicked a collection of amazing white paper templates to help you find a great layout for your brochure.

Whether you’re working on a print document or a digital PDF, these templates are perfect for all kinds of brands, agencies, and businesses. Have a look.

45+ Best Invoice Templates for InDesign & Illustrator (Free + Premium)

InDesign Templates / 6 Jun 2023

45+ Best Invoice Templates for InDesign & Illustrator (Free + Premium)

A great-looking invoice template is a must-have for both freelancers and small businesses. It comes in handy especially when you have to process invoices to dozens of clients every month.

If you don’t have an invoice template yet or looking to upgrade your invoice with a new design, now is the perfect time to grab one.

In this post, we bring you some of the best invoice templates you can easily edit and customize using InDesign and Illustrator. With these templates, you’ll never have to worry about sending ugly invoices or pay monthly fees for online invoicing tools ever again.

You’ll also find invoice templates with various styles of designs below. We handpicked them to suit different types of businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who provide services. There are some great free invoice templates too. Start downloading.